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By Pearlbay

The Grand Studio features a control room powered by a state-of-the-art Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition Analog console with the capability of recording up to 32 channels. The studio also features a cutting-edge monitoring system featuring a pair of 3-way Genelec Smart monitors and a subwoofer.

This magnificent 600 square feet space is one of the largest studios in Sri Lanka. Accompanied by a 350 square feet super control room, an 80 square feet dedicated drum room, and a separate voice room, the studio has the perfect space for all your recording, mixing, and mastering needs.

Sculpted with the artist and engineer in mind, the decor and design of the studio space offer a comforting and homely feeling, providing an environment that guarantees the best performance. All the spaces are modelled to bring out the best sound possible through superior acoustics and are only enhanced by world-class equipment. Over the years, we have grown into a studio trusted and loved by the biggest artists in the country and have hosted everything from vocal recordings to orchestras.

The space is also the perfect location for concert rehearsals, album playbacks, and music video shoots.

By Pearlbay

The Pearl Studio was initially designed as a practice room but was redesigned to house a production hub and 7.1.4 surround sound mixing space with the capability of mixing music and film sound alike.

Powered by a Genelec Smart Monitoring system, an Antelope Interface, and an AVID Controllers, the Pearl is ideal for all your audio production and post-production needs.

Services We Provide


Whether it’s music for a commercial, a radio jingle or an original song, we can bring your ideas to life. Pearlbay has an expert team that will oversee the production process from the composition and instrumentation to the final master ready for release!


Our Grand Studio is designed to offer you the best recording experience, with one of the biggest selections of world-class microphones in the country, a state-of-the-art analogue console, outboard gear and acoustics. We will help you recreate the true sound of your instrument or voice!


The live room of our Grand Studio is a popular shooting location for music videos, concerts, live shows and more! With the flexibility of adjusting the setting to your needs, our studio space and orchid lounge can be the perfect place for your video/photoshoot or live show!

By Pearlbay

The Pearlbay Music Studio provides a multitude of services to meet all your audio and music production needs!

Pearlbay Music Studio offers you the opportunity to have your songs mixed by professional engineers digitally in the box or with the combination of our Analog console and outboard processing.

Pearlbay Music Studio has a Hybrid Mastering chain that utilises top of the line Digital plugins with world-class Analog gear such as the SSL Bus Compressor and Fusion Analog Master Processor.

Work independently or have PearlbayMusic in-house Team members to capture your session, creating the opportunity for you to get the best out at a faster rate.

We can arrange recording and talent for all your voice-over, dubbing and narration needs whether commercial or personal!

The Grand Studio is equipped with 2 different drum kits, a variety of top drum microphones, and a live room with multiple drum positions to capture the right drum sound for you!

If your production requires a session musician, we can be informed prior to the date of recording and one for you. However, we will not be involved in the negotiation of rates for the musician.

Our engineers and experts are also available for consultation regarding product selection, studio construction, acoustic treatment, and product repair!

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Audio Productions
19:19 24 Nov 21
A great place to all of your audio productions.
Subashi JayawickramaSubashi Jayawickrama
08:18 30 Oct 21
Nice place. Very clean studio
01:41 17 Oct 21
Nice place.. and superb experience.✅🌾👍one an only in sri lanka..
Sanjana KanilkaSanjana Kanilka
07:38 26 Feb 21
Best place for EDM lovers ❤️🍀
Kavindu SandeepanaKavindu Sandeepana
10:05 22 Feb 21
Best music studio in sri lanka.


First-class Professionals

Our Audio Engineers



Jayasanka grew up playing many musical instruments, notably the Tabla and his talent was crowned at all-island competitions.

He was only 14 years old when he developed a taste for live sound and audio engineering. Encouraged by his mum; he studied under Ranga Dasanayake, one of the most respected producers/sound engineers in Sri Lanka.

His reputation as a young and talented audio mixing and mastering engineer has been noticed by the industry, his professionalism is a true pride that PearlbayMusic enjoys.

A graduate of IAR New York, ‘RangaD’ started his music career in 1991 and is one of the most accomplished producers and audio engineers in Sri Lanka.

Known for his revolutionary synthesizing of eastern and western sounds, he is highly sought after by both local artists and advertising agencies for their production needs. He has produced many award-winning albums and

Today, Ranga D operates as the Head of Production at Pearlbay and also applies his trade as the main mixing and mastering engineer.

Since first picking up a guitar at the age of 12, Maheshwara had a burning passion for music and had a desire to understand what makes it sound good. This desire was what drove him to take his initial steps into audio engineering by experimenting with DAWs and home recordings. Soon, he enrolled into SAE Institute and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Engineering, garnering experience in not just music but also, foley and sound design for film and games.

Today, he continues to grow and apply his skills at Pearlbay Music, and strives to provide the best recording experience.

A place of comfort in the middle of a bustling city

Orchid Lounge

Take a break from your session to enjoy the scenery and a cup of coffee at our scenic rooftop lounge.