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Welcome to Sri Lanka’s finest studio complex and creative hub, “The Lounge by Pearlbay”. PearlbayMusic was founded by music enthusiast, lyricist, and microbiologist, Chathura Masinha. Chathura’s deep, passionate love of music instigated a mission to help the music industry in Sri Lanka.

Why name it ‘Pearlbay’? Chathura Explains; “Life is like the bay of the Indian Ocean, full of excitement and turbulence, opportunities and hindrances; yet pearls emerge when the time is right no matter what. We may all have a different experience of life, but this is a place that pearls are found, pearls play and pearls stay. And of course, Sri Lanka is the Pearl of this great ocean. So isn’t it a name made in Heaven?”.


Pearlbay was sculpted with the artist and engineer in mind, the decor and design of the studio space offer a comforting and homely feeling, providing an environment that guarantees the best performance. All the spaces are modeled to bring out the best sound possible through superior acoustics and are only enhanced by world-class equipment.

We strive to provide the most comprehensive and affordable studio facilities in Sri Lanka, and we are continuing to invest in bringing the best facilities to artists of all generations. With our relaxing and captivating music creation space, we believe this is one place that all artists can truly enjoy their music-making, and bring out their best in the unique atmosphere and brilliant acoustic hub. Chathura continues; “We believe in quality inside and out, so we thrive to serve our clients with personalized service, all the time, every time. Team Pearlbay is always ready to bring you the most dedicated and professional service you will ever experience”.

“Friendships are born in a million different ways, and all good friends strive to achieve the same goal: to be a source of love and support. At Pearlbay this is what we do, be a good friend, source of love and support and we mean it”

Mission and Philosophy

The mission of Pearlbay is to deliver professional and high-quality service in the fields of music production, music education, pro-audio retail, and music administration. We want to expand excellence into other sectors.

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