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Live Perform


The Grand Studio live room is a large acoustically treated space enough to fit an Octet of musicians. The space is designed with a 50/50 acoustic treatment that utilizes a combination of exposed walls, acoustic panels, and diffusers to create a perfect harmony of isolation and reflective ambiance. The live room also includes an isolated vocal or drum booth for extra isolation! With a multitude of amplifiers and cabs, a drum kit, guitars, basses, and some light reading material, you will feel right at home as you do your thing!

Recording/Mixing & Mastering


Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition Console

The ASP8024 Heritage Edition is a new incarnation of the original ASP8024, designed and built by David Dearden. Backed by his 40 years of console design experience, which includes consoles for MCI, Soundcraft, DDA, and Midas, the ASP8024 became a modern classic, having provided the foundation for Audient’s leadership in the field of cost-effective, high-quality recording desks. After 20 years in production, Audient has taken that foundation and reimagined the ASP8024 with new features and enhancements that offer a surprising level of workflow flexibility as well as new sound-shaping options on top of the ASP8024-HE’s great-sounding preamps and John Hardy 990C summing amplifiers.

The modular console has been customized for the needs of Pearlbay, with the addition of 12 extra channels and Audient’s Dual-layer control, seamlessly integrating with your DAW and letting us combine both analog and digital workflows on the ASP8024-HE giving complete hands-on control over the mix or recording session.

  • World-class Audient mic pres, 56-152 inputs, 14 auxiliary buses, 8 stereo subgroups
  • Variable mix bus
  • John Hardy 990C summing amps
  • 4-band split-able EQ
  • Mix-bus compressor
  • Inline architecture
  • Comprehensive monitor control
  • Monitoring-grade headphone output
  • Modular construction
  • Whisper-quiet power supply
  • “Black Raven” vintage/modern look
  • Dual-layer control (DAW and analogue automation)

Antelope Goliath HD Gen 3

The Antelope Audio Goliath HD | Gen 3 is a cutting-edge 64-channel Thunderbolt/USB audio interface from Antelope Audio. With newly designed AD/DA converters, class-leading dynamic range, and comprehensive connectivity, the Goliath HD | Gen 3 can handle even the most demanding studio and live productions. Primarily used as the Grand Studios AD/DA Converter, the Goliath HD is a powerhouse of an interface that connects the warmth of analog audio with the digital world.

Solid State Logic Fusion

The Fusion is an all-analogue 2U stereo outboard processor created for the modern hybrid studio. Fusion introduces six completely new analogue colouration tools designed to bring the perfect combination of added tonal character, weight, and space to your mix bus or stereo stems, with the detail, warmth, and finesse that only real analogue circuits can provide.



  • AKG C214

  • AKG C411

  • C414 XLII Matched Pair

  • Edge Duo

  • Verge

  • Origin

  • Starlight

  • Stealth

  • D6
  • D2
  • i5

  • B2 Pro

  • Baby Bottle

  • Bird

  • Spark

  • Woodpecker

  • Encore 300 Series

  • Encore 100 Series

  • 040 Match

  • TLM 103

  • M5 Matched Pair

  • NT 2000

  • 2200a II

  • e835

  • e906

  • SM57

  • SM58

  • 55SH
  • Super 55

  • DM-1B
  • DM-1S
  • DM-1T
  • STC-10

  • Solo

  • Mercury

  • TA 8230 Drumkit mic

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