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Mixing & Mastering

Pearlbay Music Studio offers you the opportunity to have your songs mixed and/or mastered by professional engineers digitally in the box or with the combination of our Analog console and outboard processors. Clients have the option to sit in with engineers during the final stages to tweak it to get the sound they want.


  • Analog – Rs. 30,000
  • Digital  – Rs. 20,000


Pearlbay is home to a large collection of world-class microphones and gear to aid in capturing the perfect sound you want for any voice or instrument you would like recorded! Experience the 50/50 acoustics in our Grand Live Room that blends the right amount of isolation and ambiance!


  • Minimum 2 Hours
  • Per Hour 2000
  • Minimum 2 Hours
  • Per Hour Rs. 2,500
  • Minimum 4 Hours
  • Rs. 40,000 (Rs. 3,500 Additional Per Hour)


The live room of our Grand Studio is a popular shooting location for music videos, concerts, live shows and more! With the flexibility of adjusting the setting to your needs, our studio space and orchid lounge can be the perfect place for your video/photoshoot or live show!


  • Minimum 4 Hours
  • Per Hour 30,000

Audio Production

PearlbayMusic Studio offers industry-standard facilities for Recording & Music Production along with plugins, outboard gear, and world-class microphones.


Surround Sound Mixing

Get your Music or Film mixed in immersive surround sound, from 5.1 all the way to overhead 7.1.4 Atmos-like immersion!


Orchid Lounge

Take a break from your session to enjoy the scenery and the fresh air as you look over the skyline. If you are lucky, you might even spot Sri Padha!


Enjoy a hot coffee or a fresh cup of Ceylon Tea at our humble Café.

Voice Over

We can arrange recording and talent for all your voice-over, dubbing and narration needs whether commercial or personal!

Live Drum Session

The Grand Studio is equipped with 2 different drum kits, a variety of top drum microphones, and a live room with multiple drum positions to capture the right drum sound for you!

Session Artist

If your production requires a session musician, we can be informed prior to the date of recording and one for you. However, we will not be involved in the negotiation of rates for the musician.

Technical Guidance

Our engineers and experts are also available for consultation regarding product selection, studio construction, acoustic treatment and product repair!.

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